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  • Eliotrope organise le Regulatory Banking Forum 2019 pour Experian

Eliotrope organise le Regulatory Banking Forum 2019 pour Experian

A conference aims to provide a robust agenda and exclusive environment covering insights into key regulatory topics the banking industry should be monitoring and addressing in 2019.

During this exclusive event has been discussed :

  • Forward looking view in banking
    Consistent and compliant integration of economic impact into Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP), Internal Liquidity Adequacy Assessment Process (ILAAP), stress-testing, downturn margin estimation, resolution plans. A specific focus will be done on embedding IFRS 9 into internal processes to move towards a Business-As-Usual environment, ECL backtesting and validation.
  • IRB2021 the new regulatory Big Bang
    Insight on key challenges for banks related to new EBA package requirements on credit risk and alternative pragmatic approaches of reaching compliance. Operational application of several regulation requirements such as NPL prevention.
  • RegTech: AI and Machine Learning applications  
    Insights on alternative modelling usage in the regulatory area


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To see the video of this event : https://youtu.be/9ArlxJr97Vw


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